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Reporters also contacted lawmakers by phone or in person over the following week. Rep. Chuck McGrady, a Republican from mountainous Henderson County, was among those who refused to answer "yes" or "no," saying: "It really depends on what else is with it. If we're talking about a straight repeal pop over to this website and nothing else, I don't know." Many Republicans say the law is needed to protect safety and privacy, while critics say those dangers are nonexistent. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper repeated his assertion that there are enough votes for full repeal in a statement Saturday, saying he has spoken to both Republican and Democratic lawmakers. He urged state Senate leader Phil Berger to allow a simple vote on the law's merits. "If there ever was a need for bipartisanship, it's now. We came too close in December for Sen. Berger to give up. Too many jobs, too much investment, too much of North Carolina's reputation are at stake," Cooper said.

"I want to go out there กระเป๋า พลาสติก แฟชั่น ลาย candy สาย and not just find boring plus-sized stuff. I want to find really unique stuff, really cool stuff. We pushed the envelope." She's running the online shop out of her husband's 77,000-square-foot Mooresville, N.C., racing complex. Multi-tiered racks of clothing hang in a large room big enough to fit a couple of her husband's cars; a tall, long table sits in the middle for shipping and packing. Busch says she'll be packing boxes and shipping orders too, alongside a Murph Boutique team that includes one full-time employee as well as her mom and several workers at her husband's business who are pitching in, part-time. She named the shop after her late maternal grandmother (Elvina was her given name; "Murph" was her lifelong nickname), a fashionable woman who loved to take young Samantha shopping and advised her on the importance of always leaving the house with lipstick applied. Even the chosen launch date, Jan. 26, was related to her grandmother; it would have been Murph's 91st birthday.

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