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Understanding Vital Elements Of Bed Cover

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Support builds to adopt new city flag in Portland Now, many Portlanders aresaying they couldnt agree more, and that the city should adopt a new one. The city of Portlands flag violates nearly every principle of good flag design, said Tim Schneider, an attorney and Portland resident who has shared the Mars video with friends. Portland has such great history and a really vibrant arts and design community. If any city could have a great flag, Portland would be it. Its part of creating a shared vision about who you want to be and how you want to be viewed by the outside world. In Mars talk, he cites several principles of design determined by vexillologists people who study flags and their symbolism to be shared by successful flags. Among them are that flags should be ผ้าปูที่นอน hls simple enough that children can draw them from memory, that they should be distinctive and that they should never include seals or words. Portlands flag consists of the citys nearly two-century-old seal and in most versions the words City of Portland on a dark blue background. Its what Mars said vexillologists deride as an SOB, or Seal On a Bedsheet, a somewhat ubiquitous and unimaginative design used by a number of cities and states, including Maine. The flag, which flies outside City Hall and is displayed in the City Council chambers, is successful on a few principles Mars listed: It incorporates meaningful symbols and is just two bold colors. I, ชุด ผ้าปูที่นอน ซาติน for the life of me, cant find one person who knows anything about it.

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Tiesto Meanwhile, up at Park City Live, Tiesto played an "open format" set for Gen-Z media powerhouse AwesomnessTV's party during Snow Fest. Straying far from thefour-four house thump, Tiesto pulledfrom all areas of pop music, weaving togetherDrake's "One Dance," M's "Final Song," Bieber's "Let Me Love You," Yeezus era Kanye, Twenty One Pilots' hit "Ride" and hip hop breakout 21 Savage alongside The Killers and his own hit "Red Lights." It was a musical #PotLuck. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton At Tiesto's next door neighbor, Rock & Reilly's, we learned how it pays to be Kate Upton. At a Golf Digest event with Conde Nast on Saturday afternoon (Jan. 21), the supermodel revealed her first golf lesson came from the late great Arnold Palmer. Getty Images Keanu Reeves, Mimi Kim and Brian Malarkey Buffalo ranch octopus, steak and the one-time "Matrix" man were on the menu at the second night of ChefDance. We know Chef Malarkey from Herringbone at the Mondrian in L.A. and Searsucker in Vegas. Jordan Kartchner Christina Robinson The former "Dexter" star passed through Debbie Durkin's EcoLuxe Lounge -- thesole survivor of the formerly thriving gifting suite industry. In addition to providing "hangover, altitude and anti-aging IVs," the organizers focused on promoting their charity partner Shriners for Children MedicalCenter.

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