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. . Jack Tinker, Daily Mail: All this said, the show resurrects itself to heights of genuine triumph, not least when Miss Patti LuPone is flinging out Normas deepest delusions. . .Give her a song to belt out--such as With One Look or As If We Never Said Goodbyeand she shows us exactly the quality it takes for a star to be born. Michael Billington in The Guardian: With [LuPones] svelte gold and silver turbans, her prehensile talons and her ability to slither down her baroque staircase like a voracious pantheress, she is a remarkable sight. She sings with a naked emotional directness that seems to be bred into the Broadway bone. Her final batty parody of Salomes dance to the cameras is a consummate piece of acting. Charles Spencer in Daily Telegraph: And as the ageing actress, Patti LuPone has the right raddled glamour and drop-dead insolence as she delivers such immortal lines as I am bigits the pictures that got small. Malcom Rutherford in Financial Times: In Patti LuPone, there is also a star. Ms LuPone played Evita on Broadway in what has always เสื้อ คู่ ครอบครัว seemed to me Lloyd Webbers best work. As the faded movie idol, she is no less glittering now.

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Dont let them fool you- get out and vote! #DrainTheSwamp on November 8th! Trumps campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, acknowledged over the weekend he was trailing in the polls. Blackburn seemed to agree with Conway and told Yahoo News, I think at this point the polling, when you look at the averages, hes behind. But I think he is doing the right thing to be out there trying to push that vote out because youve got the Clinton camp trying to say this is a foregone conclusion that theyve won. As to whether she believes Trumps claims of voter fraud are somewhat overstated, she said, There are some areas where you have situations ชุด ทีม ฟุตบอล where you have more people voting than there are people registered in that precinct; thats a problem. And then because our election commissions do their job on the front end, you dont have that many cases, and thats a very good thing, and it is imperative that we เสื้อ แม่ ลูก ราคา ถูก keep our election system credible and fair and honest. When asked about the appeal Trump has to his supporters, Blackburn said, I think hes on a political and spiritual journey, and were watching it play out on TV every day and every night. People look at him and say he is a transformative figure. This is a movement in our country of people that want to see things change. Couric pressed Blackburn on Trumps spiritual journey in the wake of his previous controversial comments about women and his mocking of a disabled reporter. Blackburn replied, As you look at his position how he was pro-choice and became pro-life and then the engagement that he has had with some of the evangelical community, and that doesnt make the things he has said right. And it is not a reason to condone those things; he ought not to have said some things. We would have preferred that he not say some things, but I think a lot of people look at what he has said, and then they look at what Hillary Clinton has done or will do, and that is where they make the difference. When asked a few times about mass deportation and whether she favored it, Blackburn said, I think thats not the question to ask.

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