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Feb 25, 2017

Finding Answers For Important Factors Of Evening Dress

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Oct 26, 2016

Practical Guidelines For Handy Methods For Evening Dress

. . Jack Tinker, Daily Mail: All this said, the show resurrects itself to heights of genuine triumph, not least when Miss Patti LuPone is flinging out Normas deepest delusions. . .Give her a song to belt out--such as With One Look or As If We Never Said Goodbyeand she shows us exactly the quality it takes for a star to be born. Michael Billington in The Guardian: With [LuPones] svelte gold and silver turbans, her prehensile talons and her ability to slither down her baroque staircase like a voracious pantheress, she is a remarkable sight. She sings with a naked emotional directness that seems